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Usual Suspects

By September 14, 2020June 7th, 2022Uncategorized

Usual Suspects

The usual suspects are generally lack of visibility, delays and lack of accountability.

Usual Suspects
Usual Suspects

Lack of Visibility

  • Inventory sitting on 3rd party logistics systems you can’t see
  • No idea what is in transit
  • Supplier packing lists inaccurate
  • Managing the supply chain by spreadsheets and emails
  • ​No photographic record of the work
  • ​Existing ERP systems not providing full visualisation of the Supply Chain for all Stakeholders
  • Actual Supply Chain Cost deviated significantly from the Cost Estimate
  • Actual Freight Profile deviated significantly from the Freight Profile Estimate
  • ​Supply Chain capacity and sequencing did not align with Required on Site dates in the Project Schedule
  • ​Gaps and/or overlaps in Supply Chain scope
  • ​3rd Part Logistics Provider activity and cost was not visible in real time


  • Supplier and Fabricator delays impacting on schedule were not visible in real time
  • ​No idea who is doing the expediting or following up on overs, shortages and damages
  • Engineering, Procurement, Logistics and Material Control staff operated in silos
  • ​Packing Lists, Manifests and Stow Plans not linked within a common system
  • No Workpac functionality to support inventory in temporary laydown areas on site
Usual Suspects
Usual Suspects

Lack of Accountability

  • Containers of inventory sitting in Laydown Areas without Packing Lists
  • Undeclared Dangerous Goods found in cargo
  • ​Container weights not verified in accordance with state, national and international law
  • ​No ability to trace critical items from source to Site
  • ​No common Reporting Portal for all Stakeholders