Most frequently asked questions.


What about if I only want to use a small part of Supplylite?

Supplylite can scale up and scale down. It can support a single HOTSHOT, project inventory for a single client, a stand alone fabrication project, a single laydown area/warehouse or manage a complex supply chain for a major EPCM project.  See Functionality.

Who can use Supplylite?

All project stakeholders can access Supplylite including suppliers, fabricators, engineers, 3PL providers, freight forwarders, material control teams and on site installation teams.  Each user has an individual log on and belongs to a Company team.  Each team is authorised to undertake a set of events (or View only). This is called Role Based Access Control.

Can Supplylite manage material from multiple projects?

Absolutely. Material can be linked at source to the individual Work Breakdown Structure for a project.  This enables resources and infrastructure to be shared across projects.

Can Supplylite support 4PL?

Absolutely. It may be the only independent 4PL solution on the market that can tie together multiple 3rd party logistics providers and deliver a true 4PL supply chain experience.

How much activity can I undertake on the Supplylite app?

The APP is being updated all the time. It includes: fabrication/supply tracking against Purchase Orders; overs, shortage and damage reporting; packing, unpacking and consignments; geo tagging and material acquittal against the Project Work Breakdown Structure.

Can we try Supplylite?

We have multiple pre-built models which include fabrication, offshore support, wind farms and a full EPCM operation within a 4PL environment inspired by Chevron’s Gorgon project.

Your team can access an evaluation platform based on one of these models and we can provide a full interactive workshop experience for you as well.

How much does it cost?

As a software as a service platform, the cost aligns with the client value proposition. This is negotiated with the client based on the level of functionality required, the duration of the work, the scale of the work and the number of users.

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