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At Supplylite, we’re not just transforming supply chains – we’re revolutionising industries.

Meet our Partners and Clients. We’re collaborating with industry leaders, to bring cutting-edge solutions to elevate your project and drive business success. Supplylite are the pioneers of control tower software, redefining supply chain management for industries such as defense, oil and gas, logistics, construction, mining, and renewable energy. Our platform offers end-to-end visibility from 1PL to 4PL providers, alongside essential workflows like expediting, shipping, material control, and waste management – all fortified with Blockchain security.

Our partners are experts in supply chain and logistics management, together, we provide the essential strategic, implementation, and technical capabilities required for your project and business success. These partnerships amplify the capabilities of Supplylite to enrich your supply chain management, bringing our revolutionary platform to the market through channel alliances or complementary collaborations.

At Supplylite, we serve a wide range of clients. From major players in brownfield expansions to agile pioneers in greenfield projects, our platform caters to all. With Supplylite, these clients achieve unprecedented control, streamline their processes, and achieve excellence in supply chain management.

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