Meet our team

Meet Our Team
CEO, Founder

Mike Billingham

Mike is a supply chain veteran. He has consulted across the Australian resources sector and in logistics for the Australian Defence Force for over 30 years. He's advised ASX 200 companies on strategy, cost, and supply chain remediation initiatives to help them better manage their end-to-end supply chain activities across multiple Greenfields resources projects.
Meet Our Team
Client Service Manager

Gerardo Barranquero

Gerardo has been delivering software platforms for over 30 years and brings a wealth of IT experience in implementing supply chain solutions. In his role as Client Services Manager, he works with clients to leverage Supplylite to mitigate supply chain risk by uplifting their technology to give end to end visibility, and a create competitive edge.
Meet Our Team
Head of Development

Evgeny Muryshkin

Evgeny is a full stack developer with experience working with clients across multiple industries including aviation, logistics, finance and hardware design. He leads the Software Development activities at Supplylite, focusing on delivering complex IT solutions.
Meet Our Team
Lead Tester, Head of QA

Nataliia Zhelizniakova

Nataliia has worked across resource management on projects and full testing process including: planning, test design, ongoing tests activities, reports, communications with developers and product owners. She leads the Quality Assurance Division and is the Test Lead at Supplylite.