Test, Evaluate & Deploy Your INTEGRATED Supply Chain

in accordance with your project strategy

Establish your INTEGRATED Supply Chain Network

with engineering teams, procurement teams,


suppliers, fabricators, freight forwarders, customs brokers, vessel operators, quarantine/warehouse & transport providers

Communicate across

The INTEGRATED network with push and pull Notifications

INTEGRATE procurement, expediting

QA/QC inspections, overs / shortage / damage checks,


dangerous good management, workpacs, preservation & acquittal

Set up a Material Tracking Standard

including a GOLD standard Purchase Order INTEGRATION with SAP

Leverage Role Based Access Control

and the power of blockchain technology to provide a real time Supply Chain experience

Leverage the power of the cloud

to generate INTEGRATED Packing Lists, Shipping Labels and the Commercial Invoice

Use QR Codes, NFC Tags, geo tagging

and Google Maps to provide cradle to grave supply chain surety

An Integrated Approach

Functionality is delivered via a Supply Chain Management portal that runs on a desktop, laptop or tablet and via the Supplylite APP which runs on IOS and Android.

Out of The Box

Out of the box procurement and supply chain workflow with configurable business rules.

Project Visibility

Maintain visibility of all project cargo on a single system not on multiple 3rd party logistics provider systems.

Project Value

Start small and scale. Immediate cloud based platform deployable on demand. Provide visibility of material to key stakeholders within 24 hours.
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How Supplylite Fits in With a Corporate ERP System


What does Supplylite do that an ERP can’t?

Generally an ERP system’s primary focus is on steady state Supply Chain operations with a number of fixed warehouses, a stable material catalogue and a list of known suppliers, subcontractors and ERP users.  Supplylite bridges the ERP functionality gap on a project to project basis until steady state is achieved.

Supplylite can conduct some events on behalf of say SAP, like recording material receipt against a Purchase Order, and then reporting these events back to SAP via a third party log.


Can Supplylite interface with an ERP?

For a major project we can build an interface with your ERP or import Purchase Order from the SAP.  We have an SAP API which will support import and return an ASN regarding shipping and inspection status. The work on the client side is undertaken by Dyflex, an SAP Gold partner.

Is Supplylite a replacement for my ERP?

Absolutely not. If you have an ERP, it remains the primary system that will manage all finance, procurement, variations, final material acquittal, governance and steady state warehousing.
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