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I only require some of Supplylite's functionality for my next project - Can I choose what functionalities I use within Supplylite?

Yes! Supplylite is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to utilise it for a single HOTSHOT operation, manage inventory for a single client project, handle a standalone fabrication project, oversee a single laydown area or warehouse, or even manage a comprehensive supply chain for a significant EPCM project. Supplylite’s functionality can be adapted to your requirements. Explore the various functions it offers to find the right fit for your specific use case at our Solutions page.

I have multiple teams across various projects, how can this be managed on Supplylite?

Supplylite is accessible to all project stakeholders, encompassing suppliers, fabricators, engineers, 3PL providers, freight forwarders, material control teams, and on-site installation teams. Each user is granted a unique login and can be assigned to distinct Company teams. These teams are provided Role-Based Access Control, allowing them to be authorised for specific activities.

Can I manage infrastructure and material resources across multiple projects on Supplylite?

YES. Supplylite’s platform facilitates the sharing of resources and infrastructure across all your projects. This collaborative approach is managed through the customisation of individual Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) for each project, ensuring a streamlined and efficient allocation of resources across the ecosystem.

Can Supplylite support 4PL network?

YES. Supplylite’s platform seamlessly integrates 4th and 3rd party logistics providers, providing an authentic, cradle-to-grave 4PL supply chain experience across your entire network.

Does Supplylite have an App?

YES. With Supplylite’s mobile app, you can carry your supply chain in your pocket – operating your control tower in Realtime from your mobile phone!

Does the Supplylite App have all the functions I need?

With enhanced functionality, the app precisely tracks supply chain activity, manages issues, optimises logistics, and visualises key locations through geospatial intelligence. Get accurate records of material usage against the Project Work Breakdown Structure for utmost control, with integration and insights for informed decision-making.

Can we try Supplylite?

We have multiple pre-built models which include fabrication, offshore support, wind farms and a full EPCM operation within a 4PL environment inspired by Chevron’s Gorgon project.

Your team can access an evaluation platform based on one of these models and we can provide a full interactive workshop experience for you as well.

Can Supplylite’s platform be customised to fit my specific needs?

Our expertise spans various industries, including mining, oil and gas, wind farms, defence, and construction. We specialise in crafting tailored interactive models designed to meet your unique needs. Whether leveraging our extensive model library or incorporating your specific supply chain scenario and indicative data, we ensure a tailored solution.

How is Supplylite priced?

As a software as a service platform, the cost aligns with the client’s specific value proposition. This is designed with the client based on the level of functionality required, the duration of the work, the scale of the work, and the number of users across the network.

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