Supply Chain Consultation Service

Join our experts in a fully interactive workshop and explore Supplylite’s Supply Chain Modelling service and cloud SaaS Control Tower Deployment and Operations module pack system. Our blockchain enabled SaaS Solution is designed to cater for projects of all sizes. The solution comes with core control tower components and your choice of available supply chain functions to tailor your experience, including shipping operations, material control, quality and preservation and purchase order management.

Experience a custom-built Digital Twin based on your supply chain and project needs to test a solution in real-time.

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Consultation Service

Supply Chain Modelling

For the last 15 years our team has worked across multiple global supply chain centric projects advising ASX companies on supply chain strategy and building/deploying supply chain management systems.

This experience identified a number of “Usual Suspects” aligned with a lack of focus on supply chain strategy prior to project start.  The “Usual Suspects” included:

  • Supply chain systems requirements shortfalls and gaps within corporate ERP platforms resulting in spreadsheets being used for expediting, material tracking, warehousing, shipping and reporting;
  • No single source of truth driven supply chain visibility – stakeholders working in silos;
  • Supply chain continuity risk not having been addressed;
  • Limited focus on freight profile development which drives freight forwarding strategy, 3PL subcontracting strategy, division of responsibilities with EPC contractors, mobilisation infrastructure cost and supply chain alignment with the project Work Breakdown Structure level.
Consultation Service

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Freight Profiling

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Resource Cost Estimate

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Digital Twin Technology

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Live Inter-Active Wroskhop

What to expect?

During FEED and/or a Project planning phase or in the middle of a live operation, using our Digital Twin technology we can build accurate representations of supply chain constructs then deliver scenario driven live interactive workshops to Project stakeholders.

These stakeholders can actively test construct options around INCOTERMs, 3PL provider scope, in house logistics and visibility requirements for 3rd party EPC/I contractors.  This is achieved by transacting collaboratively in real time to procure, expedite, inspect, pack, ship, laydown, deliver, Workpac and acquit project material.

Outcomes from these workshops include:


identification of supply chain systems gaps and opportunities

confirmation of scope for supplier contracts around INCOTERMS and material tracking responsibilities

clarification of freight forwarder scope, 3PL provider scope and arrangements for material staging, kiting and free issue material management; and

The option to immediately clone a live Control Tower for a Digital Twin that has been used for modelling.

Indigenous opportunity within the supply chain can be identified and fostered within requests for tender

Local community based outcomes can be addressed which centre on the implications of supply chain activity (e.g. line haul) to land owners and occupiers along supply chain routes to/from project sites

Supply chain infrastructure loading analysis across the project timeline can be conducted.

Pre-built Control Towers

We have a range of pre-built Control Towers which reflect various brownfields/greenfields scenarios across Mining, Oil and Gas, Construction, Renewable and Defence projects.

A number of these are premised on historical case studies we have completed based on real life “big project” experience in the middle east, Asia and Australia.