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We designed and built the Toll Group’s Logistics Task Management System used on Chevron’s Gorgon Project since 2009 and the Security Task Management System used by the NSW Police and Australian Defence Force during the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

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Supply Chain Solutions For Projects

Oil & Gas

Configure pathways between project infrastructure.


150 out of the box supply chain events linked to supply and installation dates.


Directly support the Project Schedule with on time delivery of the Bill of Materials.


Supply chain timelines and resources in response to Project Schedule movement.

We will provide you visibility of your supply chain that you simply did not think is achievable!

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Single Source of Truth





Multiple Stakeholders

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Value Proposition

Using The Supplylite Platform


Our integrated Supply Chain platform has taken 5 years to design, build and pilot across multiple clients and projects.

Our value proposition extends across the Supply Chain spectrum and includes:
  • fill gaps in ERP systems functionality on a project to project basis
  • provide direct and indirect savings across the project through collaboration and effective decision making
  • share supply chain infrastructure, resources and cost across projects/packages of work
  • manage supply chain choke points at wharves, laydown areas and on key routes to site
  • maintain alignment between Supply Chain resourcing and priorities and the Construction Schedule
  • reduce material re-ordering due to loss or degradation
  • provide full traceability of material, containers and consignments
  • support Chain of Responsibility legislation implementation
  • eradicate third party spreadsheets and ad hoc manually generated reports to assess supply chain health
  • implement and support continuous improvement methodologies like Lean Six Sigma
  • Feed Business Analytics tools and Reporting platforms