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Discover Supplylite's innovative Control Tower Software solutions for the full range of 1PL - 4PL supply chain scope.
Employ our Digital Prototype to build, test and evaluate a fully interactive costed model of your proposed or existing supply chain.

Discover Supplylite’s Software Solution

Supplylite gives you real-time visibility of your supply chain

Supplylite offers clients the full-range of Control Tower based solutions for 1PL – 4PL (first party logistics – fourth party logistics) supply chain scope, and gives you the ability to build, test and evaluate a fully interactive model tailored to your existing supply chain. Experience an out-of-the box logistics management solution with in-built expediting, shipping, material control and waste management workflows supported by full-visibility of cradle-to-grave activity within the blockchain. Command the scope, stakeholders and infrastructure at any point of the project, and ensure your project mobilisation, operational and demobilisation objectives are met 24/7.

Supplylite Control Tower Software



We offer solutions suitable for these industries:

Oil & Gas




Renewable Energy

Blockchain enabled software keeps your supply chain information protected,

informing your decisions in real-time

Capture opportunities

Control risks

Let us help you to modernise your complex supply chain so you can focus on what’s important – getting ahead.


Deploy any supply chain construct you require to support forward and/or reverse logistics and integrate with existing ERP systems.

Boost Resilience & Capture Opportunities

Stay agile and strategise your next move with real-time activity insights and analysis on the entire supply chain ecosystem.

Single-Point Platform

Converge your devices. Develop and task a Control Tower based network and leverage dashboards, insights, reports and alerts on just one platform.

Manage Supply Chain Cost

Experience granular-level visibility of 3PL provider activities, and pricing schedules and rates.


Start small, scale up and adjust on the way. Manage projects of any size and maturity.

Manage Risks & Optimise Security

Avoid major consequences by commanding risks with real-time alerts, and experience a dedicated AWS cloud architecture.

Oversee Efficiency

Monitor and respond to the state of your supply chain network with extended visibility.

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Find out more about our consultation services and the solutions we offer to Client & Project Delivery teams, International Shipping teams, 3rd Party Logistics Providers, Suppliers, and Subcontractors below:

Supply Chain Consultation Service

Primary Service:

  • Identification of supply chain system gaps and approaches to fostering opportunities
  • Confirmation of scope of contracts and tracking responsibilities
  • Clarification of freight forwarder, third party logistics provider scope and arrangements

Secondary Service:

  • Analysis on supply chain infrastructure loading across project timeline

Our team helps you design your project timeline, and your entire supply chain strategy, including expediting; shipping and material control to be built; evaluation and costing against an indicative freight profile.

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Find out more about our consultation service

Supply Chain Control Tower Deployment & Operation Modules

Supply Chain SaaS Solution – Core Control Tower Features

On deployment of full AWS cloud architecture, a complete with a set of core components is immediately available

Find out more about each module

Shipping Operations Functions

Control of pathways between nodes

Find out more about each function

Material Control, Quality & Preservation Functions

Management of inventory related activities

Find out more about each function

Expediting & Purchase Order Management Functions

Management of inventory with reference back to Purchase Orders inclusive of expedition and payment validations

Find out more about each function

Additional Features

Tailor your add-on’s depending on your supply chain strategy and needs

Option to extend Application program interface with Additional Features

Find out more about the additional features available

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Supplylite clients integrate our supply chain control tower to make confident, at-speed decisions before consequences arise.

Steps ahead of risks

Stay ahead of competition



You can start small, assess the value-gain, then scale up/down on project-to-project basis.


Gain value across your supply chain strategy, compliance, continuity risk and cost management.


Receive built-in consultation with SAP Business advisors.


Built specifically for Australian EPC greenfields projects based on 15 years of remediating supply chains in Western Australia – our IP regarding 3PL Provider/Freight Forwarder workflow, networks, systems and pricing is built into the software.


Improve your supply chain visibility and stay consistent with global best practice. See your organisation well positioned to leverage the ongoing digitisation initiatives within global supply chains.


Supplylite offers proven solutions across the oil & gas, construction, mining, renewable energy and defense sectors.


We commit to participating in evaluations or comparison with an alternative supply chain systems software-solution.


Supplylite is Australian owned, designed, built and maintained - we work in your time zone.
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Control tower visibility helps you assess impact and avoid waste to give you confidence in your supply chain.

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