Immediate access to the SUPPLYLITE MOBILE APP and WEB APP

Out of the box warehousing and material tracking solutions with QR Codes and NFC

Full Supply Base operations and Shipping/Transport schedule management 

Integrated cloud generated packing and shipping documentation

Technical Inventory Module based on Bill of Materials and/or Purchase Order data

General cargo module for non technical inventory

Email/SMS notifications linked to supply chain events

Dash boards and private blockchain with cradle to grave traceability and individual user access control

Dedicated Amazon Web Services cloud and database infrastructure

Integrate with SAP or an alternate ERP


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Out of the box procurement and supply chain workflow with configurable business rules.

Define project infrastructure including suppliers, project warehouses, cargo consolidation points, laydown areas and onshore/offshore locations.

Configure pathways between project infrastructure.

Resource load project infrastructure and pathways with open and close dates. 

Define scopes of work and Chains of Responsibility.

Ring fence stakeholder access to data and events through roll based access control.

Manage high value resources including ships, road transport assets, cranes and MHE.

Pack, configure and track cargo via the Supplylite APP against registration numbers, QR Codes, RFID Tags or NFC tags.

Integrate carry over work, damage, repairs and preservation activity.


​Upload to the cloud all project documents and photographs associated with the supply and movement of material.


Compliment existing ERP systems to provide end to end supply chain visibility. 

Share the Material Catalogue, Work Breakdown Structure, Bill of Materials and Purchase Orders.

150 out of the box supply chain events linked to supply and installation dates. 

Trigger updates in ERP systems regarding payment  milestones and compliance. 

Every activity populates a private blockchain inspired transaction log which feeds Lean Six Sigma initiatives and data analytics tools.

Bring suppliers, freight forwarders and 3PL warehouse and marine/road transport providers onto the platform.

Maintain visibility of all project cargo on a single system not on multiple 3rd party logistics provider systems.

Eradicate single point of failure spreadsheets and personal emails to track a project.

Seamlessly generate Packing Lists, Shipping Marks, Consignment Notes and Commercial Invoices linked to Purchase Order and the Work Breakdown Structure.

Set up automated notifiable events including milestones for sourcing, packing, shipping and delivery.

Full visibility and management of weights and dimensions.  Identification of dangerous goods on Packing Lists. 


Start small and scale. Immediate cloud based platform deployable on demand. Provide visibility of material to key stakeholders within 24 hours.

Provide a client supply surety and if required end to end visibility of items on the critical path.


Directly support the Project Schedule with on time delivery of the Bill of Materials.

Provide early warning of supply chain delays which impact on the Project Schedule.

Adjust supply chain timelines and resources in response to Project Schedule movement.


Share 3PL infrastructure and high value resources across stakeholders and Projects.

Clone an existing or completed Supplylite project in progress and model the next phase of the project.


Provide projects controls, decision support and situational awareness through a Project Operations Cell.


Reduce material control hours by 80%.  


Reduce material loss or mid-identification by 95%.

Reduce equipment and container demurrage by 80%.

Set up bespoke Dashboards and Reports.



We designed and built the Toll Group's Logistics Task Management System used on Chevron's Gorgon Project since 2009 and the Security Task Management System used by the NSW Police and Australian Defence Force during the Sydney 2000 Olympics.  

The SUPPLYLITE Supply Chain Platform was built by Avocado Consulting. Avocado Consulting specialises in delivering tailored IT solutions to help organisations optimise, accelerate and transform their IT to increase productivity, reduce costs and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The partnership provides a unique blend of operational know how with the technical expertise required to deliver a true cloud based Supply Chain solution that is unique to market.  




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